NORD Standard Synchronous Motor

  • Sizes 80 to 100
  • 4-Pole
  • IP55 optional IP66
  • Efficiency class IE4
  • ISO F used according to B (ISO H as option)
  • Only for inverter operation
  • High overload reserves

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS synchronous motors based on permanent magnet technology provide high efficiencies. This technology offers low operating costs and can be simply and flexibly combined due to full compatibility with the NORD modular system. Application control is simplified thanks to the almost constant motor speed. NORD standard synchronous motors are available with the following options (selection):

  • Brake (BRE+), Noise-reduced brake (NRB1/2), External fan (F)
  • Motor protection: Temperature sensor (TF), Temperature monitor (TW), Standstill heater (SH)
  • Motor connection: Motor plug connection (MS)

Performance: 1.2 – 5.5 kW

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