NORD Universal SMI Worm Gear Units

  • High overload capacity
  • Application-specific versions
  • Soft and quiet running
  • Aluminium housing version for low weight
  • Modular, flexible and versatile application
  • Smooth housing surface for wash-down applications
  • nsd tupH version possible
  • Application-specific versions
  • Hollow and solid shaft gear units
  • Push-on, flange and foot mounted versions
  • Angled gear units

The Nord Universal SMI worm gear units provide a high power density and are extremely compact. They have a low-noise torque transmission. The Nord SMI worm gearbox offers a simple and effective structure and it takes up considerably less room than other types of gearbox.. SMI worm gear units are available in the following versions: smooth surface, closed surface.

  • Performance: 0.12 – 4.0 kW
  • Torque range: 21 – 427 Nm

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