NORD Standard Asynchronous Motor

  • Sizes 63 to 225
  • 2-, 4-, 6- & 8-pole
  • IP55 optional IP66
  • Efficiency classes IE1, IE2, IE3 & IE4
  • Extensive options possible
  • ISO F used according to B (ISO H as option)
  • Suited for inverter operation
  • High overload reserves

NORD standard asynchronous motors fulfil all common efficiency regulations, are available in all international standards and are available with various options such as:

  • Brake (BRE), Double brake (DBR+), Incremental encoder (IG), External fan (F)
  • Motor protection: Temperature sensor (TF), Temperature monitor (TW), Standstill heater (SH)
  • Motor connection: Motor plug connection (MS)

Performance: 0,12 – 55 kW

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