Nord Inverter – PRO SK 550P-750-340-A


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  • Nord Pro SK 550P-750-340-A From Rotor Technical Services
  • Normal Applied Motor Power of 0.75kW
  • Sensorless current vector control (ISD control) for high precision control and fast
    response time
  • Brake management, electromechanical holding brake
  • Brake chopper to divert generated energy to a brake resistor
  • CANopen® including drive profile DS402
  • POSICON variants with positioning function
    (relative and absolute)
  •  RS-485/RS-232 diagnostic interface
  •  4 switchable parameter sets for flexible use of parameter settings
    (e.g. switching between drive units with different motor data)
  •  All common drive functions
    such as acceleration/braking on a ramp, S curves
  •  Parameters pre-set with standard values,
    hence immediately ready for use
  •  Scalable display values
  •  Stator resistance measurement to ensure optimal control characteristics
  •  Integrated PLC functionality
  • Plug-in connection terminals – Available for all devices up to 2.2 kW

The Nord PRO SK-550P-750-340-A inverters are available for motors with rated powers of 0.75kW, with their very compact design, the so-called book sizeformat, they are perfect for space-saving, easy installation and fitting into akward places like incontrol cabinets.

The Nord Pro SK-550P-750-340-A inverter delivers the power and performance synonymous with all Nord inverters, and offers everything you would need in terms of safety and control.

Here at Rotor Technical Services we can look to offer a full technical support package with our in house specialists.

So if you require anything further please don’t hesitate to contact us.