Mono Merlin Range Pump

  • Self priming and can operate in either rotation
  • A gentle, smooth pumping action which maintains the product integrity.
  • Extremely reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Can be utilised to handle abrasive, shear sensitive and viscous materials, solids in suspension and air/liquid/solids mixtures

Typical Applications Include:

  • The Paper and Ceramics Industry clay slurry, titanium dioxide, bentonite slurry, latex, coating, starch, ceramic slip.
  • The Chemical Industry phosphoric acid, alum, caustic solutions, petroleum spirit, diesel fuel oil, ferric chloride, ethylene glycol.
  • The Food Industry molasses, sauces, cooking oil, whey, jellies, fruit juices, yoghurt, pet food.
  • Mining waste water, grouting mixtures, cavity filling mixes, coal slurries, nuisance water. 5. Sewage & Waste Water Treatment polyelectrolyte, lime, acids, carbon slurries, chlorine, digested sewage sludge, filter pressed sludges, aluminium sulphate

The Merlin Industrial range has 20 models available in both cast iron and stainless steel construction. This range of pumps has a considerable degree of flexibility achieved through the availability of free moulded and moulded to metal stators. The Merlin pump is capable of handling applications up to 10 bar and capacities up to 60m3/h and is based on the popular and well proven pin joint design.

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