Leroy Somer DC Motor

  • Power: 2 – 750kw
  • Fully Laminated Frame, Size:112 – 355
  • Motor Fitted with Flange and Feet for Mounting
  • 3-Phase Full Bridge Supply
  • PTC Thermistors
  • IP23S Protection
  • IC06 Force Vent Cooling Mounted Top
  • Polyester Filter to Force Vent
  • S1 Duty
  • Class “H” Insulation
  • 180 or 360V Field Supply
  • 40°C Ambient 1000M Above Sea Level
  • Terminal Box RHS Viewing from Shaft End
  • Motor Fitted with Provision to Fit Radio-Energie REO444 Type Tachogenerator


Leroy-Somer DC motors from 0.18 to 750kW are available in both drip-proof or enclosed frames from size 112 – 355, foot and flange mounted. The Leroy-Somer LSK DC motor can be used in applications requiring variable speed operation and deliver constant torque at low or high speed.

The LSK DC Motors from Leroy Somer are available with many options including DC tachogenerators, encoders, force vent units and brakes.

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