Bonfiglioli F Series Shaft Mounted Gearmotors

  • Torque range from 140 Nm – 14,000 Nm
  • Mechanical rating (n1= 1400 min-1) of 0,17 – 125 kW
  • Gear Ratio 6,4 – 2099:1
  • Hollow bore output with two size options
  • Plug-in Solid Output Shafts
  • Choice of IEC motor adaptor or Solid Input Shaft input configurations
  • Integral motors and Brake motors
  • IEC Motors and Brake motors – BN series/BE series
  • Single and Dual Speed Motors
  • DC and AC brakes
  • Faster Brake Electronically Controlled AC/DC Rectifier
  • Thermistors and Thermostats sensor
  • Separate Supply Forced Ventilation
  • Line Driver and Push-Pull Incremental Encoder

The Bonfiglioli F Series shaft mounted gear motor is easy & neat to install. The F series is a lightweight and dependable drive for all your material handling applications.

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