Variable Speed Motor Upgrade

A textile mill in West Yorkshire experienced a motor failure on a 24kW Elektra Faurndau AC variable speed motor which was the main drive motor on a Volkmann VTS-07 twisting machine. This is a common problem in many similar manufacturing processes, the lack of maintenance on machines,due to continued pressure from production demands, unfortunately results in machines being left to run for considerably long hours. This with a combination of lack of resources and time planned to keep the maintenance up to date, often results in the motors demise.


This Elektra Faurndau variable speed motor failed due to the carbon brushes wearing down to the brush tails and causing damage to the commutator. This can be a common problem on machines which are running for long hours and with the combination of production pressures, regular maintenance is often overlooked.


The motor was inspected and removed off site, where it was dismantled and assessed. The motor was found to be beyond economical repair. A new single speed Crompton 22kW motor was supplied, installed and commissioned with a Nord SK515-222-340A frequency inverter.


Long term very little maintenance will be required with this solution, just a simple bearing change after a lengthy service. Spare motors and inverters are available same day and if any further problems did occur, parts are readily available too, with our engineers are always on hand to offer after sales support.