Stainless Steel Fristam Hygienic Rotary Screw Pump On Trial

A change in the style of pump resulted in great benefits for this food manufacturer in North Yorkshire. The original Lobe pump fitted by another supplier on the application proved to be incorrect resulting in lack of performance and eventual failure. Our customer had then chosen to fit a diaphragm pump which offered them a slight improvement but still not satisfactory. Offering support and guidance on site with this customer, we were able to work alongside them to provide a long term solution and get them back on track running efficiently.


The original application had a Lobe pump fitted, this wasn’t performing properly and was struggling to pump the milk. The customer had then fitted a diaphragm pump which offered a slight improvement but still not satisfactory.


After inspection on site from our pump specialist, it was confirmed that the diaphragm pump wasn’t the correct pump for this application. Rotor proposed a fully stainless steel Fristam Hygienic Rotary Screw pump, arranging a one month trial to allow the customer to view the performance of the recommended pump and to ensure they were entirely satisfied with the pump, before they committed to a purchase.


The replacement of a Fristam hygenic rotary screw pump offered many benefits to this customer, offering a cost effective solution. The air required to drive a diaphragm pump is considerably more expensive, than the electricity required to drive an equivalent screw pump. Diaphragm pumps have high running costs due to failing diaphragms; non return valves, air valves etc, they are notoriously difficult to clean properly without decent operator protocols. Diaphragm pumps are noisy. Rotary Screw Pump offered can facilitate CIP (Clean in Place).