Pro-View Condition Monitoring

What can this unique system offer you?

  • Detect problems earlier
  • Predict failures
  • Reduce-downtime
  • Plan your maintenance efficiently
  • Cost effectively monitor large plant
  • Local indication
  • Easy installation of wireless remote monitoring
  • Reduced installation costs – no wires or cables
  • A compact, sturdy Zinc case sensor with a small footprint
  • Easily mounted to motors, fans, pumps and compressors
  • Network connection: Wired or GSM 4G
  • Set vibration parameters according to ISO 10816
  • Vibration measuring range: 0…65mm/s RMS
  • Temperature measuring range: -40 to 105 Deg C
  • Resolution: 1 Deg C,¬†Accuracy: +/-3 Deg C
  • Environmental rating IP67
  • Operating conditions -40 to +85 Deg C
  • ATEX ZONE 2/22 option available

Examples For Monitoring:

  • Electric motors
  • Geared motors
  • Vacuum and fluid pumps
  • Fans
  • Gearboxes
  • Compressors
  • Machine tools

Pro-View has developed a cloud-based, wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system. This low cost system can offer many businesses the solution they need to enable improved predictive maintenance by detecting problems early, predicting failures and reducing costly down-time.

The system involves retrofitting a compact wireless vibration and temperature sensor via the flexibility of a magnetic, screw or adhesive mounting bracket fixed to electric motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes and compressors.

The simple and robust sensors monitor both vibration and temperature, transmitting this data wirelessly to a controller or cloud-based system, which can be viewed from any PC, tablet or smart phone using a wired network or GSM 4G connection.

The sensors work by detecting the normal vibrations of the machine and look for abnormal patterns, alerting the user via email when predetermined levels have been reached.

This irregular activity leads to an early warning alarm, which alerts the maintenance team via email that attention is needed.

A key part of the system is the ability to provide clear, high accuracy vibration and temperature measurements, giving the customer an early warning alarm for any potential failures.

This affordable, simple system is designed to be used by service, operations and maintenance staff and requires no special skills or training, offering a low cost, wireless condition monitoring solution for all businesses.

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