IMO Inverter – Jaguar VXT Series Inverter VXT-7A-4E


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  • VXT-7A-4E From Rotor Technical Services
  • Normal Applied Motor Power of 3kW
  • Sensorless Dynamic Torque Vector
  • Motor Auto-tune for system optimization
  • 200 Step PLC Feature
  • Carrier frequency up to 16khz
  • Switch between 2 motors
  • Sink/source logic
  • 0.20/4 – 20mA input
  • RS 485 /Modbus RTU/CANopen as standard
  • Integral RJ45 socket for coms/keypad connectivity
  • Internal brake chopper to 22kW
  • DC Injection braking
  • Safety circuit SIL3 with STO
  • EMC Filter

Whether you call this an IMO Jaguar AC Drive, Inverter Drive or Variable Speed Drive, the IMO Jaguar VXT-7A-4E inverter is rated at 3kW, with a rated current of 6.9A and mains supply voltage of 380-480V  3Ph 50/60Hz with integrated braking.

All IMO Jaguar VXT-7A-4E inverters are fitted with an extended range of functions. This brand new high performance IMO Jaguar VXT-7A-4E sensorless dynamic torque vector inverter sets new standards for vector controlled drives. It boasts  vector control, STO safety level of SIL3, integral EMC filter, Modbus RTU and CANopen communications comes as standard on every model.

The IMO Jaguar VXT-7A-4E inverter delivers the power and performance synonymous with all IMO Jaguar drives, and offers everything you would need in terms of safety and control.

This IMO Jaguar VXT-7A-4E Replaces the following inverters:

IMO Jaguar CUB5A5-4 / CUB5A5-4E

IMO Jaguar VXR5A5-4 / VXR5A5-4E

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