Pro – View Energy Monitoring

  • Affordable: Low cost cloud based energy management system
  • Flexible: Bespoke solutions designed around you, to meet your monitoring requirements
  • Accessible: Users are able to access their account online, from a PC tablet, smart phone or terminal that has an internet connection
  • Metering solution: Allows the user to record data from either a single or multiple sites, giving the user the ability to view all data on a single platform

Pro-View has designed a new low-cost Energy Monitoring System that interfaces to the Pro-View cloud maintenance platform.

This innovative user interface gives you up to date visuals on the power, current, kWh and power factor of your factory supply infrastructure. This system enables you to view kWh per hour and day, plus the actual cost of running your machines over a period of time.

The Pro-View System offers you the flexibility to be incorporated into your factory supply or it has the ability to monitor individual plant assets for a more in depth analytical analysis.

This energy management metering solution allows the user to record data from either single or multiple sources from an electricity, gas, water or temperature sensor.

These devices will then transmit the collected data directly to the Pro-View cloud.


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