Calpeda – Self Priming Pump

  • Fast self priming: An integrated non-return valve and the design of the pump casing ensures rapid priming, once the pump body has been filled with water.
  • Flexible: The option to choose between cast iron and bronze materias for the hydraulic parts in contact with the pumped liquid allows A series pumps to be selected for use with different types of liquids.
  • Solid parts: The open impeller allows for the passage of suspended solids in pumped liquid. Exclusive design: An innovative, patented guard prevents contact with rotating parts, proving protection to the end user whilst allowing for inspection of the mechanical seal.
  • Reliable: The bearing and shaft are designed to ensure the reduction of the stress, providing high reliability under all operating conditions.

Special features on request

  • Other voltages. Frequency 60 Hz (as per 60 Hz data sheet). Protection IP 55.
  • Special mechanical seal.
  • Higher or lower liquid or ambient temperatures.
  • Construction with bearing bracket.

Typical Applications include:

  • For clean or slightly dirty water, also with solids up to 10 mm grain size for A 40, A 50 and 15 mm for A 65, A 80.
  • For draining a basin or a sump.
  • For irrigation. For civil and industrial applications.

Close-coupled centrifugal pumps with open impeller.
The built-in backflow preventer avoids reverse siphoning when the pump is stopped and assures automatic re-priming at the next start.
The pump re-primes itself even if partially filled with liquid and with completely empty suction pipe.
A: version with pump casing and lanter bracket in cast iron.
B-A: version with pump casing and lanter bracket in bronze (the pumps are supplied fully painted).

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