Nord Helical Geared Motor Refurbishment

This Nord SK52F helical geared motor has a two stage gearbox, it was removed off a commercial vehicle brake tester system from a company that MOT’s commercial vehicles based in London. The geared motor was licensed to the machine manufacturer, so a solution was found to repair rather than replace this Nord helical geared motor.


This geared motor had began to show signs of gear wear. Excessive noise had been reported, when the motor was running in a clockwise direction, but no noise at all when running anti-clockwise, the brake had also not been operating efficiently. The customer had enquired with the machine manufacturer about the problem, but as the gearbox was licensed to them they insisted on selling him a new one, which was expensive and on an unacceptable long lead time.


Offering a repair rather than a replacement, was the ideal solution.Purchasing new gears,bearings,seals, components and a brake kit, the gearbox had a full rebuild.


The complete geared motor rebuild offered the customer a fast & cost-effective option on his breakdown, which was more affordable with no long lead time. A more affordable option with no long lead time.