Fast turnaround repair on an obsolete SEW servo motor

Here is an example of just one of our emergency weekend call-outs. We were able to offer a fast, efficient service, offering technical support when needed.This SEW servo motor was collected from our customers site on a Saturday after a reported machine failure. After a repair and overhaul it was back with them Sunday lunchtime, ready for a Monday morning start up. We understand that when a motor breaks down it can seriously affect & even stop production. Our 24hr response line and purpose built workshop will make sure you get back to full production in no time at all.


The customer reported the machine was displaying ‘resolver error’. Our engineers attended site and they confirmed the issue was either: Cable motor fault or a motor fault.


The servo motor was brought back to our in-house servo motor department for testing. Here we found there was a fault on the resolver and this particular servo motor was now a obsolete SEW motor. We reassured the customer that we would be able to repair the servo motor. The appropriate parts were ordered, the motor was overhauled and a new resolver and alignment were fitted. Once returned to site, the customer then experienced more problems with the motor, once it had been fitted by his team. Our engineers were able to offer technical advice and telephone support until the problem was resolved. The customer also wanted replacement power and feedback cables which connect the servo to the amplify. We were able to supply the relevant plugs and make-up replacement cables for him.


Offering a fast weekend turnaround repair on an obsolete SEW servo motor repair for this customer, was a perfect solution. Benefiting from a fast and efficient service, with technical support and and guidance from our team of engineers when needed.