Oven 75 KW

A 75kw induction motor was being used to control air movement in an oven. The fan was being run at full speed, regardless of the requirements of the process with the air flow in the oven controlled by a butterfly valve.


The valve controlled the air flow from the fan as required, without reducing the energy required to run the fan motor, a highly inefficient system that wasted a significant amount of energy.


Rotor Technical Services Ltd supplied and commissioned a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) by IMO Jaguar. The new system was integrated into the existing oven control system, controlling the fan speed instead of controlling the air flow by the butterfly valve. The speed of the fan has been significantly reduced, resulting in reduced energy usage and therefore improving efficiency.


The new and improved process was not only more efficient, but resulted in a significant energy saving. The payback only took 6 months and produced an average saving of 19.2Kw per hour and based upon our working week made a total saving of 103219Kw per year, meaning a cost saving of £10,724 per annum. The IMO Jaguar VSD also comes with a 5 year warranty, the only inverter manufacturer to underwrite your energy saving for a period of 5years, giving you peace of mind and increased confidence in the product.